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Blood on our Hands

The ocean is often portrayed in nature documentaries as a pristine playing ground for earths incredible marine creatures. However, this representation is far from the truth. 100 million sharks a year are caught and killed for their fins, this is to satisfy the Asian markets demand for shark fin soup - incidentally it is so tasteless that pork is added to it for flavour. Once their fins are cut off the live carcass of the shark is thrown back overboard, alive and unable to swim is left to die.

Ghost nets are devastating all marine life by catching and trapping indiscriminately. These are nets that have been discarded by fishing boats and can be up to 1km long, they float about aimlessly in the sea drowning everything it catches.

Noise pollution from seismic blasting and constant boat traffic is destroying the echo location abilities of dolphins and whales, they rely on this to communicate and navigate. These sentient beings are washing up on shores all over the globe due to this unregulated problem.

I hope this collection of work I have produced makes people ask questions and raise awareness of these problems,  the truth is if we lose the large predators in this ecosystem it will have catastrophic consequences for the whole world.

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